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Posted on July 28, 2014


Chris Cooper - I am an experimental artist. I am autistic.

Being disabled is a challenge. One main aspect of my disability is that I get anxious about a lot of things. I think many people like me are uneasy about the world. We’re often worried about interacting with society because we’re unsure of how we will be treated.

That is why when I was offered a residency exploring anxiety in disabled people I was as excited as I was nervous. As anxious person you can understand why something like this would cause me to worry! I’ve submitted art for shows before, but this is my first residency.

I learnt a while back that I can’t let my fears hold me back. And this is why Repeat Depictions is an important show. It’s important for people to understand the anxieties and stresses of being disabled, but it is also a demonstration that these obstacles, although significant, are not insurmountable.

I usually paint on Perspex or canvas, but for Repeat Depictions I’ve explored sculpture, mixed media and sound.

I am optimistic that this will lead to other opportunities, and I hope to inspire other disabled young people to express themselves.

Repeat Depictions opens Thursday 31 July 2014, 6:30pm-9:00pm. It is a collaborative installation with fellow artist Lisa Muten.

Venue: Kentish Town Health Centre, 2 Bartholomew Rd, London NW5 2BX

Chris Cooper




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