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Posted on January 22, 2015

Panel 1

Sam Hall's story showing how dreams can come true

Panel 2
Brothers Sam and Jordan are reading books about things they can imagine.
Sam asks Jordan, “What are you imagining?”
Jordan looks up to Sam, “Hhmmm.”


Panel 3
Before they know it, bedtime arrives. With a wild imagination they dream of going to ‘Planet of Imagination’.


Panel 4
“Good morning Jordan, did you sleep alright?” says Sam.
Jordan answers, “Yep, thank you for asking. I wish we could really get in a rocket and fly to Planet of Imagination.”
“You never know. It might happen, Jordan,” says Sam.


Panel 5
“Morning boys. Your eggs on toast are ready,” calls their mother.
Jordan says, “Sorry Mum, we don’t have time. We’re just going into the garden because it’s a beautiful day. See you soon.”


Panel 6
Jordan says, “What is that?“
Sam says, “That…looks…like…a…rocket.” All the imagination comes flooding back.


Panel 7
They’ve only ever seen rockets on TV. Inside the rocket Sam notices a small yellow map on the floor.


Panel 8
The map shows the way to Planet of Imagination.


Panel 9
“I want to go, Sam. Please can we go there? PLEEEEASE!”
“OK, OK. Don’t get too excited. Let’s figure out how we get this rocket going.”


Panel 10
“What does this red button do?” says Jordan.
“Don’t touch that. That could be an emergency break!” shouts Sam.
Too late. Suddenly the rocket begins to shake. They shout out, “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BLAST OOOFFF!”


Panel 11
It is not a long journey to Planet of Imagination. They get there in no time.


Panel 12
Jordan says, “Wow, a Ferris wheel! A teacup ride! A roller-coaster!”
Sam just passes out with excitement.


Panel 13
Jordan wakes Sam up and Sam says, “Where are we, Jordan?”
“We are on Planet of Imagination, Sam.”
At the same time they both say, “HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!”


Panel 15
Out of nowhere a bear appears.
“Ooh! Look at these wings, Sam,” says Jordan. “Can I touch them, Mr Bear?”
“Be careful, Jordan,” says Sam. “He might gobble you up!”


Panel 16
“Hi! Allow me to introduce myself,” says the bear. “My name is Huxley.”
Sam and Jordan shake hands with Huxley.


Panel 17
“I can fly,” says Huxley.
Jordan laughs, “Ha, ha, ha! Bears can’t fly.”
“Don’t be rude, Jordan,” says Sam. “It’s nice to meet you, Huxley. But it’s time for us to go home. Our mum will be worried.”


Panel 18
Jordan starts looking at the map to see how to get home.
“You don’t need that. I can fly you home!” says Huxley. “Hop on my back.”


Panel 19
“This is better than sitting in a boring old rocket,” says Jordan.


Panel 20
“It is sad that you have to leave us, Huxley,” says Jordan when they arrive home.
“But we promise to come and see you soon,” says Sam.


Panel 21
As the boys run to the house their mother shouts out, “Where have you been boys? Your breakfast is cold!”
Both of them say, “We are coming, Mum!”


Panel 22
“Did you have a good time in the garden boys?” says Mum.
“Yep, we did, Mum. Right Sam?” says Jordan, winking at Sam.
“Absolutely!” says Sam, winking at Jordan.
“What’s the matter with you two?” asks their mother.
“Nothing, Mum,” they both say.


Panel 23
In the living room they read the same books about things they can imagine.
Jordan is thinking that he could be a famous astronaut.
Sam is thinking that he could be a famous explorer.


Panel 24
As Jordan and Sam prepare for bed, they don’t utter a word because they are so tired.


Panel 25
That night they dream of returning to Planet of Imagination and seeing Huxley again.


Panel 26

Sam Hall


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