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Posted on April 30, 2015

A Self-Harm Special

Everyone self-harms. No, really. Those that kick themselves for not studying hard; for not believing they’re good enough for that girl or guy; for those that stay up all night playing video games or watching films rather than getting a good night’s sleep before a big day… We’ve all done it. Everyone beats themselves up. Sometimes literally, sometimes not.

As young people we’re particularly at risk. The World Health Organisation states there has been a threefold rise in self-harm among children and adolescents over the past decade, with one in 12 teenagers reporting having self-harmed in the last year.

So why aren’t we then all covered in scars and bruises? What’s hidden on the skin, beneath the clothes, and what’s going on inside the body, beneath the skin? Why does self-harm even happen at all?

In this magazine Exposure speaks to the young people who are experiencing or have experienced self-harm.




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