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Posted on August 10, 2015


Julian Bock finds that more undergraduates are turning up to work
A recent study by insurance firm Endsleigh and the National Union of Students has shown that 77% of students are now in work compared to 59% recorded last year.

As it stands there is nothing to explain the significant up turn in employed students.

These statistics were released alongside a multitude of others concerning the 4,642 involved, highlighting the common labour trends within current university undergraduates.

Many involved in the study mentioned that they mostly relied on their student loan as a main source of income (74%), and most were still dependent on varying sources to carry them through university.

The study also revealed that amongst those in work, on average female students earned 36% less then their male counterparts.

What I think:
As a young person looking forward to the prospect of another five years of education, these statistics are simply demonstrating what will become normal for students. I’ll have a university degree and a student loan to repay.

There is an argument that students should focus on their studies, without the distractions from work. Although this is true, positives can be taken from this change in work ethic.

Young people in England are the least employable in Europe. As well as ‘enhancing my CV’ and ‘developing additional skills’, this movement towards ‘working scholars’ is going to produce more students who will be more able to function in a working environment, and prepare them for later life.

Perhaps a rare positive outcome to the massive and overwhelming debts students get into. With the amount of money it costs now, students simply have to work.

Julian Bock



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