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Posted on December 11, 2015

Image Emilee Robinson

Image Emilee Robinson

Emilee Robinson explores the psychological phenomenon of being in touch with your deeper senses
I once had a yoga instructor who began every class in the padmasana (Indian style) pose, eyes closed, disconnecting from the world and becoming lost in her yoga focus. She talked all kinds of crazy nonsense about opening your “third eye”, which was apparently located in the middle of my forehead, and was the centre of my intuition and inner balance.

As weird as this sounded at first, I soon understood what she was talking about. Whenever class ended, I always felt more connected with my mind, body and with the world.

The concept of intuition is studied and discussed by all kinds of scientists and psychologists. There are medical facts and scientific proof that ensure intuition is real and present.

Articles from sources such as Psychology Today and The Huffington Post, along with various authors who have written books on the topic, all agree on the basic signs of an intuitive individual. Being intuitive is one of the brilliant perks of being human, and if you allow a bit of imagination, it can be considered the closest we get to magical powers. Intuitive people can sense trouble, read energies, and connect with others in ways that no one else can.

The dictionary defines intuition as the ability to understand or know something immediately based on your feelings rather than facts.

Heidi Sawyer, author of a book about intuitive individuals, describes them as highly perceptive and constantly aware of the feelings and auras around them. They are sensitive to the energy that others give off and are in touch with their deeper senses. Some define them as wise and sensible beings, because they have the envied ability to step away and internalize the bigger picture or to make on the spot decisions based on a gut feeling.

Humans might not be able to scale walls with our fingertips or disappear into thin air (that we know of), but you might just be more in touch with your version of magic than you think. If any of those personality traits sounded familiar, you just might be everyone’s modern day superhero. Here are four signs that you are highly intuitive:

1. You are highly observant
Intuitive people are thinkers. They are very aware of their surroundings, and even if they don’t consciously know it, they are constantly in a state of observation.

If you have a bad habit of zoning out or you’ve been told a few times to get your head out of the clouds, you might just be busy taking in the details around you.

You might notice the colour of the walls or the man sitting alone in the corner, when others passing through only see what’s right in front of them.

You keep mental record of strange happenings or uncanny coincidences. Your senses are sharp, and you connect with the present because of what you’ve already experienced in the past. Your vision is determined by more than just your sense of sight; you incorporate feelings, experience, and surroundings into what you see.

2. You listen to that little voice inside your head
Kind of like the little angel and devil sitting on your shoulder, we all have a less-acknowledged third voice in our heads that acts as an inner sense of reason.

An intuitive persons finds that this voice appears in situations that “just don’t feel right”, or in those moments where they somehow just know what to do. Whether it’s stepping back a bit from the edge, avoiding people who send you dangerous vibes, or even knowing when to keep your mouth shut, there’s a natural guidance that intuitive people experience.

It’s easy to waive away that pesky inner voice in your head, but instead of tuning it out, intuitive people consider what it has to say. They listen to the guidance of their intuition. It’s not around just to buzz in your ear, it’s there because your highly sensitive perceptions have kicked in and you’ve developed a hunch about something. And you know what they say about hunches (they’re usually right).

3. You are exhausted after being in busy places
Being highly sensitive and perceptive can be tiring. In busy circumstances, intuitive people are not only using lots of physical energy, but mental energy is in high demand as well.

Your mind tends to work quickly and spin with thoughts and observations when there’s a lot going on. You struggle with surface level conversation or small talk because you are drawn to deeper connections and your senses are continually picking up on underlying topics.

Lots of commotion can burn you out, because it uses a lot more of you than you realize.

4. You can connect with others
You connect so strongly with others that sometimes you feel like you’re becoming them. Intuitive people tend to feel with others instead of just feeling sorry for them. This is because they’re very aware of the energy others are giving off, and because intuitive people sense and react to untold stories and unseen feelings.

Empathy is the act of actually taking on the feelings of another, versus sympathy, which is simply a feeling of compassion towards them

If you’re highly intuitive, you unconsciously react to body language, tone of voice, and eye contact. You experience other’s joys and sorrows as if they were your own, meaning you are probably quick to have second hand feelings of guilt, happiness or embarrassment based on watching someone else experience it.

We all secretly wish that Batman were watching over our city while we sleep and that there were supernatural spiders whose bite can give you powers. Although magic may be fictional, intuition is one of the coolest parts about reality. It is an amazing gift, and although we all have it, only some are lucky enough to be able to really tune in to it. If you’re one of the lucky ones, trust your gut! It’s probably right.

Emilee Robinson
Emilee is a writer and photographer from Memphis, Tennessee. She is aspiring to be a journalist in the city, a novelist in the mountains, or both if she can make it happen. She’s in love with Frank Sinatra, thunderstorms, and her sassy cat Sebastian Harold. When she’s avoiding real life, she blogs about nonsense and travel experiences at


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