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Posted on March 23, 2016


Joe Marshall enjoys some up-and-coming bands

It may have been a Monday night, but the string of new music acts at the Amersham Arms on 14th March was anything but depressing. The pub in New Cross played host to The Breakout Club showcase. Four unsigned artists / bands performed, each with an uncanny ability to entertain and enthral.

The evening was organised by The MIDI Music Company – a Deptford based powerhouse. They support adults and young people in developing music and other creative skills, through loads of fantastic programmes.

Headliners Bare Hunter had a frenzied, hypnotic performance style. Their moustachioed frontman strutted about the stage in a Freddy Mercury inspired costume, pulling freaky, comedic shapes. He was like John Cleese if John Cleese was in a band. Bare Hunter play a brand of rock music which is difficult, but has rewarding hooks. Everything about their set demanded attention, from the kinetic, virtuoso drumming to the inventive, jam rock style guitar.

They had a frenzied, hypnotic performance style

Theodorblack is a charming young man. He spat intelligent, sometimes melancholy rhymes over hazy beats, about trying to make a name for himself against the odds. He has a laid back flow which sounds like he’s freestyling. The Energy were probably the most innovative force to take to the stage. They mixed dramatic synth and laptop sounds with soulful vocals. The music became muddy in parts, because of the live setup, but the bands passion came across undeterred.

New York’s Jinja Brew brought toe-tapping jazz vibes to the proceedings. Singer Kyoko Takenaka sang songs about life lessons and activism for Asian Americans. She has a subdued, whimsical voice, which was perfectly complemented by cool, ‘walking’ cello bass lines.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the south London venue. The atmosphere was friendly and fun. It feels like it could be the start of big things for the musicians who performed, and the start of a lot of listening and investigating for the music hungry audience.

Watch this space for future Breakout Club events.

Joe Marshall
Joe Marshall is Exposure’s Entertainments Editor. With his written content he endeavours to raid the full remit of arts and culture in London, if he doesn’t drown in it first. He aspires to make a career out of journalism like his heroes Tom Wolfe, Hunter S Thompson and Jon Ronson before him.


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