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Posted on June 20, 2016


Our anonymous writer shares her experience of being 13 & pregnant
From the day I had sex up until the day I gave birth I had my periods every month like normal, so could I be pregnant? No? Well that’s what I thought.

I went to the doctor complaining of a stomach ache and vomiting. They said I must have a virus and sent me home with Pepto-Bismol, which isn’t supposed to be used by pregnant women.

I discovered my pregnancy one night just before going to bed. Something moved in my belly. I poked it back and it kept moving and moving and moving – I knew it was coming soon. I was so scared and alone, although I didn’t have to be.

I thought I couldn’t talk to anyone because no one would understand what I was going through and everyone would judge me – call me a ‘slag’, ‘ho’, or ‘loose’ because that’s what all the girls having sex at that age were being called in school.

Something moved in my belly. I poked it back and it kept moving and moving and moving

I carried on as usual, except I had to drop out of PE because I was getting out of breath easily. I blamed it on my asthma and even lied to the doctors so they gave me a sick note. I was doing a good job of hiding my pregnancy. I carried on hiding my secret, still not thinking about it, just blocking out the situation.

Ten days after my fourteenth birthday, I started to get some bad stomach cramps like someone was squeezing my insides. I felt some wet on my bed. It was about 1.30a.m.

First of all I thought my period was coming. I turned on the light and there was no blood on the bed only a clear liquid dripping out of me. I ran up and down the stairs about six times to the bathroom sitting on the toilet and getting towels. After about 15 minutes my mum came downstairs – she must have heard me – I was so frightened.

She came into my bedroom and asked what was wrong – “I’m pregnant, mum!” She just cried and cried and cried and said “My little baby went through that all alone!”

Open your eyes - the baby is coming

She called an ambulance still crying and it arrived around the corner from my house in two minutes. She told my older sister (15 years old at the time) that I had had an asthma attack and that she should look after my little brother until tomorrow because I was going to the hospital – I couldn’t even tell my sister I was pregnant.

I was driven to the hospital and asked a load of questions that I didn’t answer, and at the hospital I was rushed into the delivery suite. I fell asleep even though I was having these terrible, painful contractions.

I just remember being woken up by a doctor with an African accent saying ‘Open your eyes – the baby is coming.’ So I had to start pushing – yeah, it was painful. The epidural didn’t help.

Finally, I had pushed out my beautiful baby boy and im thinking on joining this babyphotographycontest.

I finally got some things for my baby like a snuggled in sling, blankets, clothes and a crib.

We have not included the writer’s name to protect their identity.



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