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Posted on October 27, 2016

With acknowledgements to Walt Disney

With acknowledgements to Walt Disney

Mualla Yesil reports on new technology that transforms the way we put on makeup
New technology has been showcased in Japan this week called a smart mirror. The speciality of this invention by Panasonic is it analyses your face and skin.

When you sit in front of the mirror, first it takes a picture of you, and then it identifies your skin’s imperfections, such as spots, acne and wrinkles. Then the mirror produces and prints out a personalised, transparent makeup patch, which matches your skin tone.

This allows you to cover the blemishes on your face. To apply the patch, you press it on your skin and wet it. It then peels away like a facemask, leaving a smooth touch and a clean look.

Masayo Fuchigami, who is one of the designers, explains that this mirror will help you spend less time on makeup and it feels lighter.

In the future, they aim to use this technology in the medical field, to hide scars and birthmarks on people’s faces. Also, it can be used in the fashion industry such as during fast-paced shows. This technology also allows people to try different types of makeup or eyebrow shapes or even beards (if you’re a man).

What I think
Image is an important factor for many young adults. I personally believe that makeup products do a lot of harm to the skin, but it is a reality that most young women, and some young men, won’t leave the house without make up.

With this in mind, this new technology could be the beginning of looking perfect without damaging your face. However, the popularity of this new technology would really depend on the price. Young adults will not spend all their money on a mirror when there are a great variety of makeup products.

Mualla Yesil
Mualla is a GCSE student at North London Grammar School. She wants to study Law and media in the future.


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