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Posted on November 2, 2016

Still from Exposure's 'Sticks & Phones' short film

Still from Exposure’s ‘Sticks & Phones’ short film

Phillip Bleyenberg explores how recent events are troubling kids
Childline counselled 11,706 young people for anxiety in 2015-16 – a 35% rise from the 8,642 in 2014-15.

Childline, a service provided by the charity NSPCC, is a private and confidential helpline for children and young people.

Children as young as eight have contacted the charity, with girls seven times more likely to ask for help about anxiety than boys. The NSPCC believes girls are particularly struggling with the demands of the modern world. Issues raised range from personal and family problems to concerns about Brexit, the US election and the war in Syria.

Anxiety is a type of fear that is usually associated with the thought of something going wrong in the future. Symptoms include fast breathing, sweating, dizziness, trouble sleeping, feeling depressed and loss of self-confidence.

Childline president Esther Rantzen said, “We know children and young people are sometimes frightened and distressed by events in the wider world. Seeing pictures of crying and bewildered toddlers being pulled from bomb-damaged homes upsets all of us. Often we fail to notice the impact these stories are having on young people.”

What I think
As a young person, I can’t blame us for having anxiety during troubling political and war torn times like this. With regards to Brexit, we were forced into this position with no say on what we actually wanted. We should have had a say, because we are the future of Britain.

Childline has 12 counselling centres around the UK and I think that there should be even more to facilitate the growing number of child anxiety cases in the UK. Even more schools should be encouraging students to talk to counsellors if they have any problems.

To help manage your anxiety, you can try meditating, resting, find positive distractions and exercise.

If you are require more information or help with anxiety you can visit Childline’s website or call them at 0800 1111.

Phillip Bleyenberg
Phillip is a year 10 student at Westminster Academy. He is interested in business and medicine.


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