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Posted on December 8, 2016


Katarzyna Telestak reports on how Simon Cowell is losing his audience to real lizards
It was established by The BBC on the 1st of December that the first three episodes of its Planet Earth II have attracted more audience between the ages of 16 to 34 than The X Factor on ITV.

It seems the population’s younger residents are at last favouring the beauty of the natural world over the wailing of sloppy singers. Planet Earth II’s greatest ratings to this point were for the Mountains centric second episode, which had 1.8 million young viewers compared to The X Factor’s 1.4 million that week.

Planet Earth II presenter, David Attenborough said that he presumes the audience is only, “reconnecting with a planet whose beauty is blemished and whose health is failing, starting to comprehend that their future and that of the planet are inextricably linked.”

What I think
Yes, we may get a laugh while watching some of the singers humiliate themselves, but The X Factor isn’t so important that we have to watch it every single day.

Personally, I feel the time has finally come when our young generation is getting involved in the world’s problems.

Being a teenager myself, I believe that we must lead the future. That’s why we, young people, should focus more on the situations that happen around the world, than on people who want to live with fame and money only.

The X Factor has been around since 2004. For a 17 year old that’s a pretty old, unfashionable and boring format. I’ve stopped watching it because I’d rather be involved in environmental issues than watch attention seeking amateurs make fools out of themselves.

The young generation should focus more on things that we should value in our lives.

Katarzyna Telestak
Katarzyna Telestak is currently a student at Nightingale Academy in Edmonton. She is studying business, law and ICT, and she is interested in marketing and logistics. She enjoys reading particularly horror and romance.


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One Response to More young people watch Planet Earth II than The X Factor

  1. shakira December 9, 2016 at 12:14 pm #

    I love watching Planet Earth II in a way I can’t say the same for The X Factor. I feel Planet Earth is more imaginative than The X Factor as you see many locations around the world that you may never see in real life, and its definitely more educational too. I watched the ‘Grasslands’ episode and it was amazing. It was fascinating seeing the grasslands being inundated by a flash thunderstorm- and yet grow back again. My favourite animal was the serbil, a cat-like creature in the grasslands of Africa that uses its presicion hearing to catch small rodents. And I especially like the end bit- where they show the real problems and succeses that the camera people had along the way.

    But not to bash The X Factor that badly – despite its sometimes flashy silliness it is supposed to be a talent contest to give people, including young people, the chance to become famous. That said however, often we don’t hear about them again after their win – anyone remember Alexandra Burke? Also not everyone is into singing and we sometimes get people who *could* be good in the future but sometimes just aren’t ready when coming in – ie Honey G ihmo – and they’re helped by the show to become more famous. I’m not judging individual people but the show itself seems to present glossy fame without showing how people really get there.

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