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Posted on December 15, 2016

Image courtesy of Pexels

Image courtesy of Pexels

A poem by Christina Pashialis about shyness
Captivates my heart and suffocates my soul
Squeezes so hard that I lose control
Chokes up my words until I freeze
And spreads through my being, a silent disease.

Oh I wish it would just let me flow
Escape into the distance and just leave me to grow
So that I can show the world who I really am
But only once you leave I truly can.

Shyness please don’t trap me here forever
For so many years we’ve been stuck together
But soon I hope that it will be time to part,
Time to destroy you so I can make a fresh start.

I’m silently crying, praying that one day I’ll flee
From this thick evil trap surrounding the real me
Fed up with this prisoner that I have become
Lost within myself, only known to some.

Perhaps I’ll be jammed with this monster eternally
Living my whole life locked internally
Perhaps I won’t find that precious key
That will open my soul and set me free.

But I’ll just keep waiting until that day arrives,
Like all the others with this introversion in their lives
Lingering in peace, never quite in touch
With this life that many people,
seem to enjoy so much.

Christina Pashialis


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