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Posted on February 17, 2017
Image by Firesam!

Image by Firesam!

Gabrielle Hart reports on the Prince’s Trust new mental health survey

According to a survey released in January by the Prince’s Trust, called Prince’s Trust Macquarie Youth Index, young people’s happiness and well being levels are the lowest in eight years.

The report highlights that many young people feel trapped by their situation, and anxiety is only increasing. More than 1 in 4 young people no longer feel in control of their lives.

The charity stated that too many of the young people polled are demoralised and pessimistic. This is backed up by 16% saying their life would amount to nothing, no matter how hard they tried.

This comes as a result of political and job stresses. Half of those surveyed felt it was harder to get a job than last year. While 58% said political events had made them fear for their futures.

The Prince’s Trust has launched a strategy, which aims to help more young people with mental health problems. The charity is going to embed mental health support in all of its employability and personal development programmes to try and further help the 60,000 disadvantaged young people they support annually.

“The potential consequences of failing to help these young people who are so clearly in need of support have huge implications for our nation’s future.”
– Princes Trust head Dame Martina Milburn

What I think
These findings are extremely worrying and we need to take more action soon before it gets worse. Many young people struggle with mental health problems but it’s becoming much more common. Helping young people deal with their mental health problems isn’t enough, they also need to be properly equipped with the skills they need for work.

Although these are shocking statistics there are many things we can do to help young people with anxiety and confidence issues and those stressed about the future. We could create more opportunities for work experience, so more students and young unemployed people can gain experience.

Gabrielle Hart
Gabrielle is passionate about music and books. She aspires to write for a rock and metal magazine.


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