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Posted on February 8, 2017


All inclusive charity welcomes you to join them for 'The Weekend Itch!'

There’s something exciting afoot at Chickenshed. The Weekend Itch! is an opportunity to join the company’s Youth Theatre for the day.

If you’re aged 13-17 you can take part in a programme of workshopping and games. This will involve developing ideas based on how you feel about the world around you. Chickenshed is fully inclusive, and the invitation is open to anyone who is interested in the performing arts, or sharing their viewpoint with other young people.

Chickenshed’s Youth Theatre are an important part of the creative process at its HQ in Southgate. At their weekly meetings they bring some of the core concepts behind the organisation’s shows into fruition.

Being a member also opens the door to training in things like dance, singing and sign language, as well as appearing in innovative productions.

Who knows – once you have a flavour of what being a young person in Chickenshed is like, you might decide to join full time.

Click here to book for The Weekend Itch! It will take place on Saturday 18th February, 1pm – 6pm, at the Shed’s spiritual home in Southgate. It costs £5.

Joe Marshall
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  1. shakira393 February 17, 2017 at 10:42 am #

    I used to be a member of Chickenshed. It was absolutely amazing. Not only do you feel included, you feel a part of a bigger something – a play, a story. Backstage you make so many friends, including people with a different disability to you, or with none. Real friends that you learn to trust and that last a lifetime. Thy helped a lot, and there were a few other young actors with visual impairments.

    You learn sign language in songs – I literally can not forget ‘Dream On’ in our Sleeping Beauty Christmas play 2 years ago, or Paula’s We Need Each Other in a play for Chickenshed’s 40 anniversary.

    What I think is truly amazing, is that you get to learn about the issues of the plays. I’d say the summer plays were always the most challenging, thought- invoking, current and real – exploring war in Unsettled, or being a refugee and the love of humanity in Where Is The Love.

    Chickenshed allowed me to develop my writing skills, and I was in their Young Creators programme which allows young members to have free sessions in a creative or theatrical skill

    Sadly,I left this wonderful theatre, but I really want to go and see Chickenshed’s adaptation of Benjamn Zephaniah’s book Refugee boy., about 14 year old Alem, a refugee to London fleeing the civil war between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

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