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Posted on February 6, 2017


Exposure secures funding to engage young people with local employers
We’re pleased to announce that Exposure has been awarded grants from Big Lottery Awards for All and Haringey Council to initiate a new ‘I’m Inspired’ project, introducing young people to local businesses to talk about careers.

The project will enable local youngsters to explore, appreciate and then report on the realities of the world of work by interviewing a series of successful adults about:

  • their career and what their job entails;
  • their education, training and experience;
  • the path taken and dedication needed to achieve success;
  • the advice and guidance they would give to young people looking to enter their profession;
  • what they look for in an employee.

The work will culminate in a 16-page magazine, four short films, four podcasts and articles for Exposure’s website to educate/inform other young people.

We will seek interviewees from a range of sectors; retail, catering, IT, media, hospitality, accountancy, banking, manufacturing and charity.

It’s a great opportunity and will help us bridge the skills gap

Young participant will be supported to:

  • contact local professionals requesting an interview;
  • plan, arrange, record and then edit the interviews, ensuring content is engaging to a young audience, creating, sourcing and manipulating appropriate accompanying images, graphics, visual and audio effects;
  • share widely to friends and classmates using social media.

The work produced will be made available as a learning resource to thousands of young people across Haringey, through established and safe networks, including local schools, colleges and statutory provision.

“It’s a great opportunity and will help us bridge the skills gap, making young people more aware of what potential employers are looking for and helping to raise young people’s game,” said Luke Pantelidou, who is managing the project.

Participants will appreciate how hard work pays off as they work together to achieve a tangible goal, informing and inspiring their peers about careers.

On completion, beneficiaries will be encouraged and supported to formulate their own career paths, whether reengaging in education with renewed focus and clearer direction, or applying for specific training or apprenticeships, with greater clarity and understanding of what to expect and what is expected of them.

For more information contact Luke at luke @ or call 020 8883 0260.



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