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Posted on March 21, 2017

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Nyron Redhead explores the need to learn about healthy relationships from a young age

On 10th March the secretary of education, Justine Greening announced that sex and relationships education will be compulsory in all schools in the UK. Greening said that students in primary school from the age of four will learn about healthy relationships, while students in secondary school will be given appropriate lessons about sexual intercourse and relationships.

In a written statement, Ms Greening said, “Sex education is becoming increasingly out-dated since it was introduced in 2000.” She also said it is the right time to address the issue.

However, parents have been allowed to take their children out of lessons if they feel that the child is not ready for sex education. The Department disagrees with this because it doesn’t want children to be out of school, and not learning valuable lessons that could benefit them in the future.

The website has found that 36% of parents in the UK believe, “It is inappropriate to teach children about sex.” Meanwhile 64% of parents agree it should be taught, and some parents said, “Children have a right to know about sex.”

What I think
I agree with the new law because it will help children understand how relationships should be. Also, it is a good idea that parents can take their children out of class, if they don’t want their children to learn about sex education at the age of four. They may feel that their children are not ready.

Nyron Redhead
Nyron is currently studying music in college, and aspires to be a music producer in the future.


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  1. Shakira Dyer March 25, 2017 at 6:50 pm #

    I think the lessons for 4 year olds wouldn’t teach young kids about sex – just what a good relationship is like (Though I learned that at 8, with a story about a child’s mother and father getting divorced as an example of a relationship potentially going awry.) I guess it could involve love as a discussion…

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