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Posted on April 28, 2017

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Abel Habtu explores how scientists plan to connect our minds to the Internet

Elon Musk is the billionaire behind the first widely popular all-electric car, Tesla. He is also the genius behind Space X the aerospace company attempting to colonise Mars.

Musk is now embarking on what might be his most ambitious mission yet: to merge the human brain to a computer mesh called ‘neural lace’, which will link our minds to the Internet.

Musk has been hinting at the announcement for his new project for nearly six months but recently, at the World Government Summit in Dubai, he outlined his plans of making “micron-sized devices” to achieve his goal of creating a “human-machine interface.”

The long-term goal is to allow humans to wirelessly connect to one another as well as to a cloud-based Internet system. The short-term goal is to treat brain diseases like epilepsy.

The neural lace in its most basic form is an ultra thin mesh that would be inserted into the skull forming a collection of electrodes that could monitor brain function.

The neural lace would require a very small needle to insert it. Eventually, the brain would accept the neural lace, which will grow alongside it.

Testing of the neural lace has already begun on mice, and has shown promising results with scientists being able to monitor brain activity and deliver treatment for degenerative disorders like Parkinson’s.

The main reason Elon Musk has developed the neural lace is to avoid humans becoming “house pets” to superior artificial intelligence (AI). Musk has continually voiced his concerns on the advancements of AI. He even wrote an open letter of warning, alongside Bill Gates and Stephen Hawkins about its dangers.

What I think
I think this would benefit humanity greatly as robots taking human jobs is a very relevant topic right now. With this new technology, humans will be able to stay superior to robots no matter how much AI develops.

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Abel Habtu
Abel loves gaming and reading comics, once he finishes school he would like to study law or create his own comics.


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One Response to Inventor & business guru finds way to merge AI with human brain

  1. Shakira Dyer May 5, 2017 at 9:56 am #

    Sorry, because I do like technology, but I’m going to say No.Way. (And its not just because I’m scared of certain science fiction books/shows that predict this in the future.)

    We know that computers can become subject to viruses and hacking – what happens if someone finds a way in ‘hack’ into someone’s nueral lace?

    And even if it is secure, who would own this ‘monitoring’? Bisunesses and advertisers may also find a way to ‘beams adverts’ into people’s heads… kind of like them putting many an advert on facebook, which they know lots of people use…. (I read on thier privacy policy that Facebook also *may* use your information to give to bisuness to advertise things it thinks you may like… )

    Also if people are interconnected, will they be able to read others’ thoughts?

    If Elon Musk wants to avoid people becoming ‘house pets’ to artificial intelligence… wouldn’t this just make people more dependent on artificial intelligence? And humans already have a human-computer interface – a natural one, called the eyes and ears – linking to the brain. What could we need another one for? What benefits might it have that aren’t better than our natural senses?

    I love the interconnectedness we have by using technology, but things like this go too far for my taste….

    But what does everyone else think?

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