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Posted on June 2, 2017

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Dawit Kidane reports on the rise of young voters in the 2017 general election
The number of young people (under 35) that have registered to vote is 1.75 million, that’s over half of the new people who have registered for this year’s election. And 805,000 of them are under 24.

This happened all over the country which means a lot of young people really are passionate about voting.

This is a summary of the policies that the political parties are promising to young people, according to their manifestos.

The Conservatives are promising to bring back grammar schools (secondary schools that select students by means of performance in exams at the age of 11). They will publish a Green Paper on young people’s mental heath and they also want the best prosperity for younger generations.

They will offer high quality apprenticeships for 200,000 young people who choose to stay in full-time vocational study. The Conservatives are also committed to creating three million apprenticeships by 2020. Also they will offer the youth technical and academical routes at 16.

Young people will be able to delete comments on social media that could damage their career prospects once they turn 18.

Green Party will protect young people’s housing benefit by reinstating housing benefits for under 21s, improve the youths’ access to health support and also funding for sexual health campaigns, guarantee the rights of young people to study, work and live in the EU, create a fair working world for young people by scrapping age related wage bands, enable young people to take part in a non-biased political education and having an active part in democracy.

Labour are offering young people a rise in the minimum wage to £10 and scrap tuition fees. They will invest in mental health intervention and the health of young smokers. They will end cuts to youth services and will introduce age appropriate sex education to young people to raise awareness of rape. They will also innovate local police forces and probation services to to engage with young people at risk of committing anti-social or criminal behaviour.

Labour will allow young people to vote, join the army, pay tax and get married at the age of 16. There will be an extension to “staying put” arrangements to support all young people in all forms of care until they are aged 21. They also want to stop young people being held back by debt because of the cost of housing.

The LibDems are offering to introduce a young person’s bus card to 16-21-year-olds giving two thirds discount on travel. Teachers will do more to tackle bullying in schools. No young person will wait more than two weeks in treatment for psychosis. The LibDems want to legalise cannabis to protect young people from using the potent strains. They will help young people to rent by establishing a help-to-rent scheme, help young people in need by reversing cuts to housing benefits for 18-21-year-olds, help the youth to take training as apprentices and help young people to take careers within technology and science. They also want to ensure that living costs are not a barrier to disadvantaged young people staying in university.

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UKIP want to prevent youth suicides, want to stop big businesses from deliberately stopping young people being employed and want to protect young people from drug use. They also want to abolish tuition fees entirely,. They want to make young people ready for work and there will be employability lessons in the national curriculum. They also will encourage integration to stop young people from being radicalised.

What I think
I think more young people chose to register to vote because they are worried about Brexit.

I also believe that most young voters will vote Labour because they are willing to scrap tuition fees, raise the minimum wage and focus on young people’s mental health. I believe that young people have got more trust in Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn than any other politician because he speaks about topics such as immigration, education, policing and housing with a liberal view.

I am 18 and have registered to vote. I believe young voters have a choice whether to vote or not but it should be something they have thought about deeply.

What do you think? Please comment below…

Dawit Kidane
Dawit is a student and avid gamer. He supports Chelsea, loves trains, likes researching about conspiracy theories and loves going to the gym.



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  1. Shakira Dyer June 3, 2017 at 10:04 am #

    There’s an LBC program on almost now (11:05) http://www.lbc.co.uk/radio/presenters/iain-dale/lbcs-millennial-election-debate-watch-live-11am/?utm_source=google.co.uk&utm_medium=referral

    with young people representing each party debating the issues that matter to them.

    You can check it out live if you want.

    • Shakira Dyer June 3, 2017 at 10:06 am #

      It was actually started by one of the young people in the debate…

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