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Posted on June 9, 2017

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Ryan Flambert reports on a new threat to teenagers participating in esports
Parents are more and more concerned about the time that youngsters spend playing online. According to a recent study by IHS Markit the number of hours spent watching esports (online gaming where people compete against each other) grew by 19% last year exceeding six billion hours globally.

But there’s more to worry about now than just lack of vitamin D and social interaction.

The fast-growing interest in esports also has brought other undesirable interests. One of these is online gambling that is beginning to affect young people.

There are dozens of gambling websites that let people, including under-18s, to bet with virtual currency that can then be used to get prizes including stuff like amazon gift cards, computer games and memberships for other online games.

This affects young people by getting them more and more lured into gambling, which can end up affecting more than just their pocket money.

What I think
Personally, I think that adults can bet all they want as long as it does not affect youngsters who can be easily ‘derailed’ or manipulated into an addiction.

There are many charities, workshops and organisations willing to help people to get out of gambling, but not many willing to stop/change the way in which young people access gambling websites. It seems quite irresponsible that under-18s have access to these potentially life-destroying pages.

Whether youngsters gamble for escapism, glamour or social pressure it shouldn’t be something done by under-18s. This must stop!

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If you feel that gambling has become more than just a game, you can get help from websites like:

Ryan Flambert
Ryan is a student at Westminster Academy. He spends most of his time reading manga and sci-fi comics. With great potential in the art world, he would like to become a graphic designer or software developer.


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