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Posted on June 13, 2017

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Ahmed Hope explores why more young people went out to vote

With the recent election, student finance was one of the major topics, especially for young voters. Many parties, such as Labour, promised to “scrap tuition fees” and Conservatives promised a “major review” with regards to funding for education.

Student unions set up campaigns to help students register and vote. A report by The National Union of Students (NUS) suggests that 72% of 18-24 year olds voted in this year’s general election. This is an increase from an estimated 58% in 2015.

According to a survey, published by the Higher Education Policy Institute last week, a great number of students feel their course is not worth the money.

Students are concerned that they are not being heard by politicians.

Ruth Wilkinson, president-elect of Kent University Union said: “The top three issues were Brexit, the NHS and fees. A lot of students said they didn’t think students should be priced out of an education. Politicians need to take us seriously. They need to turn up on campus and engage with us on our views.”

Almost half of students, who were among the first cohort to graduate after paying £9,000 in tuition fees, have moved back in with their parents, according to research by the NUS.

They also found that many students are no longer confident that a degree will improve their chances of getting a good job. The report concludes that those who graduated in 2015 have entered the world of work with significant debt.

What I think
As a 15-year-old teenage boy, I feel as if the tuition fee issue isn’t spoken about enough. I’m a head prefect at my school for the student council, and I’m constantly dealing with student issues on a daily basis. I agree that students should be heard.

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Ahmed Hope
Ahmed Hope is a student at Quintin Kynaston. He likes Media and Photoshop. When he finishes school he’d like to become a software engineer or work in a media company


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One Response to Students campaign to be heard by politicians

  1. Shakira June 15, 2017 at 9:26 am #

    I’d like to know what universities do with the 9,000 pounds every years… not saying they don’t do anything with it, but wondering whether its worth the money. Apparently it used to be 3,000 pounds…

    and also fees may increase above £9,000, which many student unions are trying to stop.

    However, in the long term, I think that if unis were to be completely free, they wouldn’t be able to raise any funds at all eventually… but I agree they should charge less.

    Learning should always be accesible to all.

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