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Posted on June 7, 2017

Image courtesy of Haringey Shed

Joe Marshall on the soundtrack to our lives

Last week, young people from Haringey Shed performed a riotous, all singing all dancing show about music through the ages. It began with them doing the Charleston – a popular dance in the 1920s. It then took a thrilling roundabout route, ending up somewhere around the present day.

The event was the culmination of a three day half term project. A DJ played tracks and the Shed members danced and broke into song at regular intervals.

The tunes were infectious and uplifting. R Kelly’s Iginition (Remix) went down especially well. Other artists featured included Michael Jackson and Outkast. The youngsters weren’t metal fans. One boy was left on stage playing air guitar to Metallica’s Enter Sandman, as the other performers walked out in mock disgust.

There was set choreography in some parts, and freeform dancing in others. The actors stood in rows through much of the piece, a bit like they were line dancing. During the finale, the audience were invited to break the fourth wall and get up and dance with the cast.

The children offended the adult thespians with their assertion that 80s music is old. This prompted a detour into that era of pop. They each declared the music that their parents listen to as well, resulting in a colourful mish mash of classic sounds.

The whole experience was a cocktail of toe tapping rhythms and hearty laughs. It was a well spirited celebration of the music the kids and their families love.

Visit their website to find our more about Haringey Shed.

Joe Marshall
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