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Posted on July 27, 2017

Eleanor Hardy shares a great opportunity to pick up some new skills, and perform next half term

School’s finally out. Welcome to six blissful weeks of summer freedom!

But if the rain is already reminding you of autumn and those first dreary months of the school year – why not sign up for something to look forward to? Our friends at Jacksons Lane, have something devilish, daring and totally different to spice up your schedule next term: welcome to the Heritage Horror Show Documentary Making Project!

From 16th October to 6th December 2017, there will be a series of workshops at Jacksons Lane, and Alexandra Palace for a group of 14-18 year olds to explore the origins of horror in performance as we know it today.

Learn about how your favourite campfire stories were first told, have a go at playing the roles like a Victorian actor, and contribute to the making of a documentary showing off all our discoveries with Chocolate Films.

They’ve even thrown in a few day-trips to relevant theatres, and places around London during October half-term: all completely free of charge!

Interested in history? Film-making? Theatre? Documentaries? Or just really, really like a good fright-fest? Then e-mail Lisa at or call 020 8347 2411 to ask any questions you have, and secure your place on this programme.

Go on – it’ll be a scream!

Eleanor Hardy
Eleanor Hardy is an actor under the name Nell Hardy, and a singer-songwriter under the name Our Little Nell. She has decided not to take up painting because she can’t think of another name. Find her original music at or her YouTube channel.


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