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Posted on July 5, 2017

Joe Marshall reports on new inclusive charity making waves in the Muswell Hill community

Approaching St James Square, Muswell Hill, the barely perceptible sounds of a bass guitar and the hustle and bustle of an excited crowd grew louder. When the market stalls came into view, and the smell of street food permeated the air, it was apparent that MidSummer Muswell was well under way.

Wave (We Are All Valued Equally), is a group which runs a variety of local projects aiming to break down the barriers between people with and without learning difficulties, allowing them to work and socialise together.

Wave Café were at the festival. They are a nomadic organisation, who so far this year have popped up in different locations around Muswell Hill in a series of promotional events. They’re looking for a permanent venue for an inclusive environment, which combines food and the arts.

Wave have popped up in different locations around Muswell Hill

Organised by Friends of St James Square, MidSummer Muswell was a community event which pulled out all the stops. Now in its third year, the theme of the occasion was carnival. This was reflected in the belly dancers, the mask making and the face painting.

The sun was out in full force and it felt as if summer had truly arrived, with local businesses getting in on the act by way of special offers on cold drinks.

The Wave stall offered craft activities like weaving, and card and pom pom making. I added my own touch to a sort of improvised woven rug, in the form of a fetching luminous green material. People who work for the charity were on hand to give a rundown of what it’s all about and their specific role.

Local dance groups strutted their stuff and there were stalls selling delicious treats. What looked like a band of dads played high energy cover versions of popular tunes, with their own unique twist. There was more to discover inside St James Church.

The day was a smash hit, with its strong community spirit and opportunities to indulge oneself in a colourful array of activities, sights and sounds.

The next Wave pop-up event will be at The Pavilion Cafe, July 19th.

Joe Marshall
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