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Posted on July 6, 2017

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Kemi Williams reports on Internet company’s bid to tackle young people’s gaming addiction
Tencent, the Chinese Internet company, is limiting the number of hours children can play their most popular mobile games, including multi-player battle game ‘King of Glory’.

Under 12s will only be allowed to play for one hour but older children will be able to play for two hours.

The Chinese state media has said that China has not yet passed clear regulations dealing with gaming addictions. So Tencent has decided to take the lead. The firm has also said they are improving their identity verifications. Those who have not completed the verifications will not be allowed to play the game.

There has been a rising amount of children who have a gaming habit. King of Glory has about 50 million daily active users.

Parents have been worried about how much money and time their children are spending on this game.

There have been some reports about children taking their parents credit card to spend thousands of dollars on this game. Excessive gaming has been a problem in several other countries too.

In 2011 South Korea passed a law banning children under 16 from playing online games between midnight and morning. In Japan players get a notification when they spend more than a certain amount of hours in a month.

What I think
As someone who enjoys gaming, I think that only being able to play this game for an hour or two would make me a bit annoyed. But it would also make me more interested in the game.

Being a gamer I know I sometimes get into bad gaming habits so having a limit of hours to play is a good thing.

What do you think? Please comment below.

Kemi Williams
Kemi is from Coventry but has recently moved to London to study. She is part of a theatre group called Stratford East Theatre. She enjoys playing video games as a hobby and listening to music. She also enjoys drawing in her spare time.


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One Response to Gaming app rations time children can play online

  1. Ahmed July 31, 2017 at 5:46 pm #

    Truly an interesting report, I agree it would be annoying having restrictions apply on online games. Although, the question should be considered whether or not children have the same right to have freedom to choose.
    Really like this article!!

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