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Posted on July 25, 2017

Image by Max Ferreira

A poem by Max Ferreira about the characteristics of autism
Every person with autism I’ve seen has some unique personality.
Which means we are all different from each other.
Like our thinking caps have an unusual wire system.
With a different vision of the real world in front of us.

An autistic girl was thinking differently (Illustration by Max Ferreira)

Depending on what part of the autism spectrum disorder we’re at,
Our behaviour can be challenging to address
And we find some tasks hard to understand.

Teaching assistant helping a student with autism in class (Illustrated by Max Ferreira)

We need the right support, with heart and discipline.
And, most importantly, guidance about life and being independent.
Otherwise we’ll be shy, vulnerable and stressed by outsiders.

An autistic boy is overwhelmed by his surroundings (Illustrated by Max Ferreira)

However, being autistic doesn’t have to be negative. It can be positive.
Having special interests calms us down
And can make us an expert in something valuable.
In a way we show energy, creativity, repetition and determination.

This boy with Asperger’s Syndrome has a love affair with trains (Illustrated by Max Ferreira)

For those without autism, we are all humans.
Whether it’s someone with Asperger’s, severe autism or non-verbal.

The young girl in the background is shy and finds it hard to interact with new people (Illustrated by Max Ferreira)

At times we’ll be in our own autistic routines.
As long as we have encouragement from family, friends and organisations
The timeline for the future is secure and clearly recognisable.

Max Ferreira
As well as finding employment, Max Ferreira is a creative author. A regular at Exposure his autism helps him develop special creative ideas. He has published a series of stories about his experience with autism available on Kindle.


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  1. Shakira July 31, 2017 at 11:30 am #

    Go Max! Your artwork is amazing as always- and your poem is awesome too.


  1. Exposure Organisation- magazine – Disability History Month – Access the Arts - December 9, 2017

    […] but it doesn’t mean they can’t impact society. Read his poem and his original illustrations here. Max has also written short stories and children and young people with autism and how they cope in […]

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