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Posted on July 14, 2017

Montage by Kishen Patel

A poem by Kishen Patel about daily struggles

I sit alone, at my window
Looking at the cloudless sky
I watch myself disappear
As my thoughts rush by

While he sits, alone
His wrists bound in chains
For kissing the man he loved
Covered in bruises and bloodstains

And she sits, alone
Numb to every feeling
Tying the necklace of rope
To hang her from the ceiling

And they sit, starving
Crowded in a small room
Begging for a drop of water
Silently in the quiet gloom

And some sit, drunken
Addicted to the drink
While others gamble their money
Into debt they sink

I sit alone, at my window
Watching the silhouettes
Of those living their privileged lives
Often tending to forget

About those in a different place
And the struggles they have to face.

Kishen Patel
Kishen is a student at East Barnet School. While he’s not binge-watching several Netflix shows, at the same time (especially crime dramas), he can be found listening to music. He is also an avid photographer, and artist.


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