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Posted on July 27, 2017

How Dawit will look in a couple more years

Dawit Kidane reports on his love affair with exercising and getting fit
I’m there at the gym sweating while I’m punching and kicking the boxing bag trying to perfect my moves. I feel like I’m fighting something that I can’t defeat which makes me feel more determined than ever.

Going to the gym was not so easy for me. I passed through some difficulties to get there.

I remember the days after college where I would be in my room on my phone. I was just trying to stay updated with the world or play video games.

I was feeling happy at first but my dad saw that I was spending too much time staying at home and not getting enough exercise. He suggested that maybe I could join a gym so that I could build my muscles. I jumped at the chance because I knew it would improve my health.

Through my GP I was referred to the Camden sport and physical activity programme. This is a 12-week course where you exercise in the gym for 60 minutes, three days a week.

I have been going to the gym since May and I am enjoying it as I get to work out, lose weight and get rid of any anger, frustration or worries I have. Going to the gym motivates me to lose weight and take my health seriously. I have noticed a huge difference in my weight lose and muscle gain.

I have tried new machines and activities such as the arm extension, the leg press and free weights. These machines have wonderful benefits on the part of the body you’re working on.

Mentally I feel excited when I am going to the gym and calm afterwards because I’ve used up energy

Working with others makes it easier to have a better time at the gym. I’ve made new friends, as I like to talk to other people and socialize with them. We trust each other once we get to know each other properly.

Physically I feel better as I don’t get tired. Also I feel stronger which makes it better for me to go the gym more often.

Mentally I feel excited when I am going to the gym and calm afterwards because I’ve used up energy. Often I feel agitated when sitting down and not doing anything healthy.

Going to the gym also helps you gradually gain confidence because you feel more comfortable with your body and the way you look.

I love using the boxing bag because it is a safe way to punch, like you’re fighting. This raises testosterone, a naturally occurring steroid hormone. The benefits of testosterone are lower cholesterol, improved sleep and stamina, and weight loss.

Exercising also releases endorphins when aerobic exercise is performed. This is a natural painkiller that enters the bloodstream and gives you a ‘runner’s high’.

I love going to the gym. Even though I’m sweating I still carry on, as I am working off those calories and building up those muscles.

Why not give the gym a try? Use Google to find one local to you.

Dawit Kidane
Dawit is a student and avid gamer. He supports Chelsea, loves trains, likes researching about conspiracy theories and loves going to the gym.


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