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Posted on August 14, 2017

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Julia Shikunta reports on why young people should develop a positive relationship with technology

Former head of GCHQ (a British Intelligence and Security organisation), Robert Hannigan believes that parents should encourage their children to spend more time online. He claims that this will help to ‘save the country’.

By spending more time online, children will explore the digital world like ‘engineers’ and have a better understanding of technology, according to Hannigan.

He also argues that parents should encourage their children to spend the same amount of time online, as engaging in physical activities.

Earlier this year, the Children’s Commissioner (a non-executive department that promotes the rights, views and interests in children’s policies) gave a warning that kids’ time online should decrease as it has the same effect as ‘junk food’.

However, Hannigan dismissed this warning. He has declared that England is ‘desperately’ short of computer scientists and engineers, and by parents encouraging their children to spend more time online; kids can develop a positive relationship with technology.

What I think
I feel that children should explore the world both physically and digitally. I agree that by spending more time online we can develop better cyber skills. However, I feel that there are better ways in achieving this such as courses that specialise in cyber skills.

It’ s not often that we, children and teens, hear adults telling us to spend more time online. It’s always the opposite as we’re screamed at by the older generation to get off our phones or computers since they claim it’s the bane of their existence.

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Julia Shikunta
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One Response to Kids spending more time online will ‘save the country’

  1. Shakira Dyer August 30, 2017 at 7:37 am #

    I think you could argue that nowadays the term ‘spending time online’ is too broad and it depends what children and young people are doing online. If, for example, they are taking advantage of the large amount of free information to learn how to program, watching videos to learn how to speak another language, or learn how a debate is structured or learn about maths or science, then that’s a good thing, and there are many places online where people can do that.

    Hopefully this stays free… one of the things we’re learning about the online world is that some websites are trying to make it cost money, or to have advertisements that give them revenue… if only because they are businesses and need money.

    If thier spending time online is just entertainment without education, then that may be damaging.

    I do both types of internet usage… unfortunately, one slightly more than the other… *goes back to playing games* 🙂 -joking.


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