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Posted on September 25, 2017

Still from our Lonely Minds film on mental health

Bibi Choudhury explores the reality of mental health issues for young people
A study supported by the government carried out by researchers from University College London has discovered that one in four British girls suffer from depression at 14.

The study looked at how many teenagers experienced signs of depression. They concluded that being from a less privileged, mixed or white background increased the possibility of you suffering from depression. The study also found that teenage girls report more anxiety and depressive symptoms than boys.

Nafeesa Hassan, 15, a teenager at Exposure, believes there is a range of issues to explain this increase in depression from “school, peer pressure and homework and sometimes it gets too much.”

She also discussed how the young generations spend a lot of time on social media and are influenced by materialistic possessions that they want to have. Nafeesa believes that the education system enforces too much pressure on youth and that there are standards that need to be met such as “doing well at school, getting a good job and being financially stable – but it is easier said than done.”

The study looked at over 10,000 teenagers and found a variety of emotional problems amongst today’s youth, including grief, isolation and self-hatred. Altogether 20% of 14-year-old girls stated high levels of depressive symptoms.

The researchers recommended that all services, schools as well as the NHS, needed to play their part in spotting any mental health problems early and offering solutions. The research shows that girls are more open about their feelings than boys.

See our Lonely Minds film, highlighting the issue of young people’s mental health:

What I think
I feel as though there is a lot of stigma around mental health. It is something people hide from talking about especially in the mainstream media.

This news story is very important as parents who are reading this need to keep a look out on their child and have more knowledge that there is a rise on the amount of youth suffering from mental ill health. Lately there have been a couple of celebrities talking more about mental health in their music, for example, Logic. Other celebrities are starting to open up about their own personal experiences, talking about depression and anxiety including James Arther, Cara Delevingne, Justin Bieber, Nicole Scherzinger. Hopefully in the future mental health will be less of a taboo.

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Bibi Choudhury
Bibi is studying for her GCSEs, she has chosen the option of Sociology, Religious Studies, BTEC child play and learning development and French. She enjoys writing about topics she is passionate about and hopes to pursue a career in writing.

Exposure is an award-winning youth communications charity giving young people in north London a voice. Please support us to continue our work. Thank you.



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