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Posted on October 4, 2017

All images by Alex Evans, from Twitter

Joe Marshall sees more than meets the eye in a powerful art show

Art works best when it offers a unique window on the world. Artists have the power to take what is in their mind’s eye and translate it into something beautiful or provocative. In (IN)VISIBLE SYSTEMS, a new, modestly sized exhibition in SW3, Alex Evans invites us to peer through his lens and share in his vision of London and beyond.

‘Cracks/Shadows’ took months to make. It involved an intricate and laborious process, through which the artist drew incredibly detailed patterns. He then used an eraser to give the piece a fractured feel. It looks like someone has taken a hammer to a thousand piece jigsaw, but the picture is anything but a happy accident.

One of the works is made from a shiny golden material. It’s composed of interconnecting triangles, with a texture similar to leaves on a plant. There is an interplay between the naturally occurring order of living organisms, and designs created by man. The gold seems fitting as it’s something you see a lot in the high fashion stores in Chelsea, where the gallery is based.

It looks like someone has taken a hammer to a thousand piece jigsaw

A cuboid made of skyscrapers sees a towering metropolis turned on its head. It’s a bit like a scene from Inception. In another image, hundreds of interwoven shapes form a partially illuminated circle, which looks like a lunar phase. It encapsulates the city at night time, marrying the busyness of lights and buildings with the symbolism of the moon.

Evans work isn’t dissimilar to glitch art. Its as if the buildings which form the basis of a lot of what’s on show, are being viewed through a broken computer. At the same time, if seen from a distance they are less angular and harsh, and begin to look like designs from a wall hanging or Moroccan rug.

Part of the show takes its cue from shapes that are geometrically impossible. Evans uses them to go beyond the realm of the material and probe the limits of what is physically possible. These drawings combine his trademark patterns with strange, unfathomable forms. They appeal to the imagination because they contradict reality, and are so fascinating you could stare at them for hours.

SYSTEMS is a tiny, accessible show, which takes you into new architectural realms. It’s like viewing a city which doesn’t exist, but is at the same time familiar, as if from a dream. For a glimpse of otherworldly visions and compelling, painstakingly constructed artworks, look no further.

(IN)VISIBLE SYSTEMS is on at The Foundry Gallery in Chelsea, until 26th October.

More on Alex Evans here.

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