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Posted on October 10, 2017


Jonita Lushi and Julia Shikunta join BAFTA winning director and writer to learn about the film business

This episode of the Exposure podcast is an I’m inspired special featuring critically acclaimed writer and director Bruce Goodison. Known for dramas such as Murdered by my Father, Born to Kill and Leave to Remain Bruce clearly doesn’t shy away from those issues that are difficult to tackle. In this podcast we learn more about the man, his work and plenty about the industry that so many are clamouring to be part of.

Bruce Goodison is a writer, producer and director as well as a father and husband. He is one of the UK’s most exciting and successful documentary and drama directors. Goodison stuns his audience with the production of films, dramas and TV series.

Goodison’s work has a varied target market. However, the age range is typically 16+ years. He produces documentaries, which are targeted for the audience that want to learn. His TV series and films are targeted for the audience who want entertainment.

To gain attention and support, Bruce Goodison and his crew used social media and the BBC as their platform. They promote themselves through Twitter, which is a good way for spreading awareness. An even bigger way for getting the public to notice you is by promoting yourself on BBC Three, although that took some time for Bruce Goodison to have his series, Our War, on the BBC. He also has his work on YouTube, which makes it accessible for everyone for free and in an easy way.

Goodison says that he makes films ‘that are difficult to watch’. This could be his unique selling point. Since most directors produce films that are aimed to be watched for pleasure, his films are more emotionally harder to watch and produce. He’s also worked with actors that have received BAFTAs which shows people that he can work well with them. He considers his films to be ‘social action film making’. He suggests that his films open up people’s eyes as they are often about subjects that aren’t in the mainstream.

When casting, Bruce Goodison says that it’s good to hire non-professional actors as well as professionals, especially when you hire people that have gone through what the characters have in the script. In his film Leave to Remain, Bruce Goodison casted people that had no acting experiences before. Depending on what type of film you want to produce, this can either work wonders or go dramatically wrong.

Our thanks to Haringey Council for making this project possible.



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