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Posted on November 28, 2017

Souykaina Soumare reports on successful ‘Celebration Sale’ bringing children together in service of others
On Thursday the 23rd of November, six others and myself were chosen to participate in the ‘Celebration Sale’ that took place in Borough Market in Southwark. The aim of the sale was to bring school children from London’s diverse communities together through food – celebrating our cultural heritage by sharing cakes, breads and pastries.

The sale helped to raise money for a charity called FareShare, which provides meals for people in need in Southwark and across the country. My school, the University Academy of Engineering South Bank, took part as well as three other schools from the area.

Our teacher Phillip Herzberg encouraged us to bake treats from different backgrounds and cultures, celebrating who we are. The treats that we made were: Spanish cheesecake, Ugandan pancake, Nigerian pie and American red velvet cupcakes. I made French macarons because of my French heritage and I also thought it would be a treat that would attract people to the Celebration Sale.

The treat that sold out were my macarons because I sold them as a deal of 2 for £1

I personally found Borough Market more peaceful than others markets. It was very civilised and surprisingly fun. The treat that sold out were my macarons because I sold them as a deal of 2 for £1, which got the most attention out of the customers.

The charity FareShare was chosen because everybody deserves a meal and because the thought of starving people is awful. Every pound we raised provided four meals for people in need.

Thanks to Lizzie Reynolds of School Food Matters we were able to get a stand and set up right on time for the customers. I think what FareShare do has a huge impact on society. It also serves as an example to young people and teaches them a lesson about how to be grateful of what you have and that many people are less fortunate than others.

I would love to do this again because it helped me look at things differently than before. The Celebration Sale helped raised enough money to feed people in Southwark – the four schools that sold their produce at Borough Market raised £332 which meant that 1328 meals can now be provided for vulnerable people.

Souykaina Soumare
Souykaina Soumare is a student at University Academy of Engineering South Bank Secondary School
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