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Posted on February 6, 2018

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Nadim Malique reports on a worrying development affecting young people
The level of knife crime in England and Wales has gone up by 21% in the 12 months up until September 2017. There were a recorded 37,443 knife crime offences.

Previously the number of offences involving a knife or a sharp instrument had been falling since 2011 but started rising again over the past three years. The figures are from the Office of National Statistics.

Why is this happening? Maybe because the number of police officers has been falling down by 930 to 121,929.

I have spoken to a few young people at Exposure about their opinions regarding knife crime and these are their responses.

“I am concerned that the kids are getting younger who are involved in knife crime,” said Ousay Camara, 17.

“I know of three people that have been involved in knife-crime related incidents,” added her sister Natou, also 17.

“There has been a lot of knife crime in my area and recently someone I know got stabbed,” said Dawit Kidane, 19.

“The gangs need to be stopped,” added Natou and Ousay. “They should have body scanners and metal detectors in schools. Also they need to ensure that CCTV works to monitor what is going on.”

What I think
I think about knife crime when I see it on the TV and it makes me ask questions in my head, for example why was the person killed? Also it makes me feel sorry for the person who has passed away and it makes me think about how the family is going to react to this. When I walk down the street I think about my surroundings.

I think there should be more arts projects like the Music Relief Foundation to help young people tell their stories, change their mindset and help them to focus on positive issues.

Nadim Malique
Nadim is studying retail at the Harington Scheme. He likes going to the gym and art, and would love to work as an anime animator.


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  1. ousay February 13, 2018 at 11:51 am #

    The article is very relatable as i know people who have been affected by this, and it’s important that its being brought up so more people are aware

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