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  • exposure to work experience in the creative industries;
  • exposure to improved skills, confidence and employment prospects;
  • exposure to what really matters to young people today.

Based in north London, Exposure is a multi-award winning charitable youth communications enterprise.

Established in 1996 as a voice for local youth, Exposure remains true to its core principles of enabling vulnerable and disadvantaged young people to thrive creatively – for the good of others, as well as themselves.

Best known for its flagship youth magazine, Exposure has, over the years, diversified into other areas of design and print, film, web based and social media.

Annual Report


Our ability to nurture young people’s creativity on a range of compelling communications has secured Exposure a series of prestigious national awards.

Parliamentary Kids Count Inspiration Award
Gladesmore Community School’s Value Life Award

National Communicating Youth Justice Award for educational board game

No 1 music video on Channel U (now Channel AKA)
Best short at the We the People’s Film Festival
Four times winners of best short at Wood Green Film Festival

Twice winners of Best Youth Publication Award (Young People Now)

Gold Level London Youth Quality Mark accredited by City & Guilds

Twice winners of customer nominated national Wow Award

Nationwide Award
Philip Lawrence Award
Twice short-listed for a Spirit of London Award
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Andreas Koumi – Manager & Secretary
manager @ exposure.org.uk

“I make sure our young people, staff, funders and clients are happy.”

Luke Pantelidou – Graphic Design Trainer
luke @ exposure.org.uk

“I make sure all our communications look great. I work with young people on design, animation, photography and layout.”

Fran O’Connell – Project Manager/Creative Trainer
fran @ exposure.org.uk

“I manage specific creative projects and support young people to complete the accredited Exposure Award.”

Anna Patton – Creative Trainer
anna @ exposure.org.uk

“I work with young people on specific creative projects.”

Joe Marshall – Arts & Culture Editor
joe @ exposure.org.uk

“I produce music, film and game reviews and help young people develop their writing skills.”

Exposure’s staff team are all creative professionals, in copywriting, publishing, journalism, graphic design, photography, animation, illustration, filmmaking and web based media. Industry experience is combined with a passion for channelling young people’s creative energy. At board level Exposure has a wealth of expertise in publishing, banking, finance, law, information technology, local and central government.
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Get involved


If you’re a young person looking to have fun, gain hands-on experience in a professional communications environment and get your message across to your peers and the wider community, you could definitely do with Exposure.

You’ll get FREE training on modern Apple Mac computers with the latest industry software and support from creative professionals. Your work could even be published in the newspapers or shown at the cinema.

Make progress in your own time and at your own pace, developing a range of key skills, a portfolio of work and expert guidance to support you in your future career.

Completing the Exposure Award (see below) will entitle you to undertake paid freelance creative work at Exposure on our funded and commissioned projects as opportunities arise. Most of Exposure’s staff team started off this way.

To sign up, print out and complete the registration form below, and then give us a call on 020 8883 0260 to arrange a time to pop in for an induction.

Registration Form

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The Exposure Youth Communications Award is a structured learning and work experience programme, modelled on the ASDAN Activities Award, which takes about 100 hours to complete and is broken down into seven stages:

• Attend interview, meet staff and sign up to Exposure youth charter
• Participate in health and safety training

• Investigate Exposure’s activities and promote to young people
• Explain how Exposure has presented a particular subject
• Report on a news story relevant to young people

• Contribute a piece of creative work
• Undertake creative software training

• Interview a member of staff about their work
• Investigate how a business is run

• Take part in and review an Exposure meeting
• Present your creative work explaining why it deserves an audience
• Deliver lively presentation on why Exposure should give you work

• Discover what it means to be a self-employed freelancer
• Create an up-to-date CV including all your Exposure experience

• Describe achievements, skills developed and future plans
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Exposure works closely with local secondary schools, colleges, youth services, young people’s charities, employment and youth volunteering agencies, adolescent mental health services, young carers projects, social care and leaving care teams who refer young people to Exposure for volunteering and work experience placements. The local newspapers regularly publish articles produced by Exposure while cinemas, film festivals and other venues host screenings of Exposure’s latest films.
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Client work

Exposure’s strength lies in harnessing young people’s vitality and vision to deliver powerful, contemporary communications. Equipped with the very latest in digital technology and know-how, we bring together young individuals and young-at-heart organisations to help both get their message across more effectively.

Exposure has a long and successful track record of delivering quality Design, Film, Branding and Consultancy for a range of clients in the government, community and corporate sectors. The benefits of commissioning our creative services include:

Social responsibility – vulnerable/disadvantaged young people are enabled to develop confidence and life-changing communication skills;

Good news story – the commission itself becomes an opportunity for wider marketing and positive PR;

New ideas – our access to new media and understanding of new technology results in up-to-the-moment creative solutions;

Value for money – concepts are formulated with creative young people, hungry for success and keen to demonstrate their worth.

Contact us for more details.


Clients include:
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Funded work

Exposure equips young people with skills to thrive creatively, for the good of others as well as themselves. Involving young people in meaningful creative projects builds their confidence and sense of purpose, enabling them to develop life-changing communication skills to improve their employment prospects.

Exposure is based in Haringey in north London, one of the UK’s most deprived boroughs. While open to all, many of Exposure’s young people are from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, some with mental or other serious problems. Around 300 young people engage with Exposure annually, with most achieving an accredited Exposure Award.

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Funders include:

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