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Mag 124

Looking after our minds is increasingly important; especially since a new Public Health England report estimated that one in ten young people in London suffer from some significant mental health problems. Yet the level of government investment in support and prevention services is shockingly low, with just 0.9% of local authority health budgets in England […]

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Mag 123

Health is a vague term, which varies from person to person. What exactly does it mean to be ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’? A sports buff might fit the first category while a McDonald’s regular might fit the second. This edition, produced by young writers from Haringey, explores various topics, paying particular attention to our physical, mental […]

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Podcast – Identity

Who Are We? What makes us unique? How do you define yourself? And how do you react when others misunderstand or pigeonhole you? In this episode three young people discuss the complexities of identity. Our thanks to John Lyon’s Charity for making this project possible.

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Exposure is proud to release its latest short film, Lonely Minds

Sexual health vox pop

A short vox pop video and improvised spoken word poem