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The Girl Who Wrote A TV Show

The MehmeFemis is a sitcom about two culturally different families living in south London. The two families become neighbours when the Olafemis (the Nigerian family) move in next door to the Mehmets (the Turkish family). My name is Muge Ahmet. I’m a Turkish Cypriot comedy writer, and I have been working on The MehmeFemis scripts […]

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Watercolours Of Guantanamo Bay

American artist and illustrator Steve Mumford’s creates watercolours of the highly controversial detention camp. The artist was given access to the camp with limitations to what he was permitted to convey in his art. Thankfully for most people, this will be the closest they get to seeing the inside of this ominous place. Click on […]

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Sexual health vox pop

A short vox pop video and improvised spoken word poem

A short vox pop video on the complex nature of domestic...