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Hackney Work Experience

Hackney 100 is a new scheme that will allow teenagers between the ages of 16 and 17 to gain vital work experience. The initiative, which launches in September, will give 100 local teenagers the chance to learn new skills and get paid the London living wage of £8.80. The six-month placement will help teenagers to […]

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A Career In Vlogging

I started photography and filming a few years ago. Since then, I’ve met a whole load of cool people, including celebrities and those in the industry. Mostly I’ve been that guy who works in the shadows, always behind the camera because I was too intimidated by the spotlight. Then last year I started noticing that […]

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Secret To Success

A young man asked Socrates the secret to success. “Meet me by the river tomorrow morning and I will show you,” replied the philosopher. They met and Socrates instructed the young man to accompany him into the river. When the water reached their necks, Socrates grabbed the young man’s head and forced him under the […]

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Work To Be Done

It’s no secret that young people are suffering from unemployment. According to recent research by the Prince’s Trust, almost a million young people across the UK are struggling to find a job while 40% of jobless young people have faced symptoms of mental illness as a result of being out of work. Despite the UK […]

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First Steps To Creative Career

Exposure is proud to announce a new partnership with Collage Arts – a leading arts development, training and creative regeneration charity based in Wood Green – to offer aspiring young media professionals paid Creative Apprenticeship opportunities. After gaining Exposure’s full accredited Youth Media Award young people can increase their skills with on-the-job training whilst earning […]

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The Rise Of The YouTuber

“HELLOOOOO!” Grinning, I tap the ‘fullscreen button’ as the familiar yodel of YouTube superstar Marcus Butler greets me. With over two million subscribers to his YouTube channel MarcusButlerTV, this Brighton lad is the leading example of an ordinary guy doing extraordinary things through the power of the internet. They told me that you can now […]

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Acting Black

Life was simple when we were children. Life was sweet. 
Now we’re teenagers everything is much more complicated. My own dream is to be an actor. My guess is that I share my dream with many of you – right? But when self-doubt creeps in, I ask myself is there a place for me in […]

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Revolutions In Dance

I was always a very shy child. I never had much confidence. I didn’t speak to many people and had a negative view of myself. Then, my mum found me a place in a local dance school and all that changed. I found a way to express myself and my confidence grew. Now, when I […]

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