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Phone App That Stops Mugging Denied

A recently introduced mobile software, LoJack, provides owners with the ability to secure their device, should it get into the wrong hands. This software, which performs the same functions already available on the iPhone, would come pre-installed on all Samsung devices for protection. LoJack enables the deletion of files, GPS tracking, and, crucially, a complete […]

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Film Review: Riot From Wrong

Going into the screening of Fully Focused’s Riot From Wrong I knew almost nothing of the London Riots. I come from Philadelphia in the US. I was aware of what happened in August 2011, but had no idea about the “whys” and “hows” of the situation. My naïveté turned to shock when the film began; […]

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Peer Pressure

“C’mon everybody’s doing it. Take a pull on it you pussy.” So, I thought, “Why not?” I was 15, and I had many friends. I didn’t want to turn into a loner by alienating myself. I gave into peer pressure because I thought that if I didn’t say “yes” to my so-called friends then they […]

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Status Dogs

A few months ago a gang of thugs with a dog chased me. The dog was on a lead and they were running with it. I could hear the snarling, barking and gnashing at my feet as I fled. I feared for my life. A dog that is owned by a person because it looks […]

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North London Gangs

We spent six weeks in the summer of 2012 meeting and discussing gang culture with a number of gang members. We wanted to know what they were scared of and what kept them awake at night… actually ending up in hospital or prison didn’t even figure! Based on real life experiences of young men living […]

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