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Pakistan’s Kim Kardashian strangled by brother in so called ‘Honour Killing’

Popular Pakistani model and social media star Qandeel Baloch was tragically murdered by her brother in their family home on Friday, according to Multan Police in Pakistan. Baloch, who had been dubbed ‘Pakistan’s Kim Kardashian’ was drugged and strangled to death by her brother Waseem Azeem, in what he called ‘an honour killing’. According to […]

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Can books help tackle knife crime?

Award-winning author Alex Wheatle stated in an article for The Guardian that he believes reading children’s books can help tackle knife crime. This was in response to the recent stabbing of Myron Yarde, a 17-year-old musician from south London. Wheatle feels very strongly about knife crime especially with regards to young people. Wheatle spent most […]

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Jail time or time for change?

Young people are getting killed over something as petty as the postcode they live in. Drugs are being sold here, there and everywhere. The youths of today are thinking about money more than society, and don’t know the consequences of what they are doing. I had to find out the hard way. Although I was […]

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Women Rise: events in Haringey starting on Tuesday

Women’s issues have always been taboo – but it seems to me that the nature of that taboo has changed recently. Once, you didn’t mention it because it was a source of shame: if women were being abused it was their fault, they were being ‘provocative’, they were ‘letting it happen’ because they were ‘weak’, […]

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Exposure is proud to release its latest short film, Lonely Minds

Sexual health vox pop

A short vox pop video and improvised spoken word poem