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Fight For Our Future

“We are young people, separated in many ways. Separated by petty things, differing views and perspectives. But joined together by the fact we are all students at Broomfield School in Enfield. Joined together through Exposure to raise issues and ask questions about society. Give us a voice and we will talk. That’s exactly what we’ve […]

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Let’s Eat Racism

Footballers have dealt with a lot of racism in the past, but Barcelona’s Dani Alves knows how to handle it right. At a recent match, as Alves was about to take a corner kick, a racist in the crowd threw a banana in his direction. Alves, instead of reacting negatively, simply picked it up, unpeeled […]

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Acting Black

Life was simple when we were children. Life was sweet. 
Now we’re teenagers everything is much more complicated. My own dream is to be an actor. My guess is that I share my dream with many of you – right? But when self-doubt creeps in, I ask myself is there a place for me in […]

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Revolutions In Dance

I was always a very shy child. I never had much confidence. I didn’t speak to many people and had a negative view of myself. Then, my mum found me a place in a local dance school and all that changed. I found a way to express myself and my confidence grew. Now, when I […]

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Spit Real Rap

Me, myself, I’m a 16-year-old rapper from Enfield. Name: Ackers. I’ve been interested in spoken word since I was 12. I’ve jumped from rap to poetry, and poetry to rap many times. For years I had my head stuck in a dictionary, finding and understanding words that I didn’t know to increase my vocabulary. I’ve […]

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Video Games As Art?

I can remember watching over my friend’s shoulder, mesmerised as he played on his Nintendo 64. A couple of years later I was blown away by the power of the PlayStation 1. I am fanatical about the immersive world of videogames and I am increasingly gobsmacked by the great leaps forward in gaming graphics. The […]

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