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Insane Championship Wrestling

“It’s a drama, it’s a comedy, it’s a soap opera, it’s a performance art, it’s a stunt show,” Says Mark Dallas, 29-year-old creator of Insane Championship Wrestling, or ICW for short. ICW is a concept best described in comparison to World Wrestling Entertainment in the US. Like its American counterpart, the spectacle walks a line […]

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Going Catfishing

Jennifer was a young, shy, 18-year-old girl who was bullied at school. She found making friends online much easier than making friends in real life. Which is how she met a ‘model’ called Skylar (they’re always models, aren’t they?). It didn’t take long after talking to Skylar for Jennifer to fall in love. Jennifer told […]

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Spread The Word Campaign

Human beings are a social species: sharing stories is how people forge relationships and take a break from the regular routine of their own lives. Whether during the Renaissance, the Great Depression, or a rainy Saturday afternoon, people rely on books to escape their own realities for a few hours. The Spread The Word campaign […]

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Spring Has Sprung

Recognising that Spring has arrived shouldn’t be difficult in London, but it can be easily missed. The sound of birds tweeting throughout the day are hidden by cars and buses hurrying down busy main roads. The new flowers, so bright and delicate, are overlooked, dwarfed by tall buildings, and ignored by people hurrying about their […]

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Sporty. Gay. You Can Be Both!

When you run for 18 miles your body goes through different stages. About three miles in you wonder why you’re doing this but by five miles you adjust and it’s plane sailing… until ten, when you hit a wall. You’ll recover until 15, at which point your feet scream: “I did not sign up for […]

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