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End Of The Weak MC World Champs

Hip-hop is a universal language just like when you see someone wearing teeth grills, immediately you know he’s a rapper. I have heard this before and thought I understood it pretty well. I mean rhythm makes sense regardless of what language you speak; anyone familiar with hip-hop almost inherently knows what “16 bars” are. But […]

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New Music: The Intermission Project

Jim, Alex and Charlie: three young talented musicians making up The Intermission Project. They’re currently unsigned, but that shouldn’t last long as they’re a mightily talented band. They’ve managed to create music that captivates you the second the beat drops. With an acoustic, folk, soul feel to their music, the sound they produce radiates positive […]

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Video: Being Silent Isn’t Being Strong

Funded by The Big Lottery Fund, this one-minute film, written by young poet Engineer Al, and animated by the acclaimed artist October Jones, is the first part of an Exposure campaign to reduce male suicide. Please watch and share. Raising awareness to ensure more young men feel comfortable talking about their problems is a key […]

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I’m Inspired Project

Many young people decide on their chosen career paths without necessarily fully appreciating how much hard work and dedication goes into becoming a success. This is especially true of disengaged young people. The phenomenal success enjoyed by some previously unknown people featuring on popular television programmes such as Big Brother and Britain’s Got Talent has […]

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