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Disabled Pupils Highly Likely Bullied

80% of young people with learning disabilities are bullied in school according to recent research by the Anti-Bullying Alliance. This shocking statistic is all the more distressing when you consider difficulties that disabled people already face. Bullying is detrimental to any victim, but it’s fair to assume that the impact on disabled people is even […]

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Autism And Leaving School

I finished secondary school in 2013. I was nervous. I have autism, and I feel comfortable when I have order and familiarity in my life. For five years I had been going to school and doing other activities, and each week was pretty much the same – just how I liked it. Then school ended, […]

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Film: Enfield Summer Uni 2014

Commissioned by Enfield Youth Service and shot during August 2014 the film shows the various activities available to the young people of Enfield as part of Summer Uni. Activities included t-shirt design, mosaics, pottery, music production and many more. All music you hear during the film was produced as part of the various music programmes.

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Discrimination Against Disabled Pupils

Every day parents of disabled children are choosing to place them in mainstream schools instead of special schools. Studies have shown that pupils with identified difficulties or disabilities can make significant gains in reading and language in inclusive schools. But what happens when the mainstream school doesn’t want the child? What happens when the school […]

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What Schools Don’t Teach

“It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.” Albert Einstein It’s been almost 70 years since Albert Einstein said these words – and even now the statement applies. Young people are naturally curious, eager to learn, and I think that’s a wonderful thing – without this curiosity, we’d all be lazy, indifferent machines. There’s […]

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Film: David Burrowes MP Interview

Despite what people think, there are some young people interested in politics. We want to know how our country runs; we want to know what happens behind closed doors in parliament; we have to be interested in who makes decisions about our future and why. We spent some time with Conservative MP David Burrowes to […]

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Beginning The Journey

The history of the United States is riddled with violence and oppression. However, living under these conditions galvanized individuals to rise above the conventions of society and inspire others to join together to fight for their human rights. When thinking of this struggle, the US Civil Rights Movement is at the forefront, but social inequality […]

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