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Words: Short Film About Male Suicide

Exposure secured a grant from The Big Lottery Fund to help highlight the issue of suicide in young men, as well as promoting services that exist to help them. This short film entitled ‘Words’, was written, directed and edited by 16-year-old filmmaker Eren Kaplan. It shows segments of a young man’s life, while we listen […]

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Exposure Launches New Website

Exposure is pleased to announce the launch of our new ‘youth news, views and lifestyle’ website, offering a more immediate and accessible platform for young people to share their thoughts, experiences and creativity. The new website comes at a time when the print industry is shrinking and online media is the first destination for young […]

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Exposure Wins ‘Value Life Award’

Exposure’s Flo Codjoe picks up a ‘Value Life’ award from Spurs legend Ledley King: Thank you very much Gladesmore – we’re very honoured to be recognised in this way, especially as it’s the students themselves – together with the staff – who voted for us in the category ‘Outstanding Organisation’. Of all the awards Exposure […]

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Magazine 115

When we’re faced with an ethical conundrum, how do we know what is right and what is wrong? For example, if you know that Primark clothing comes from what many think is modern day slave labour, at what point does our internal ‘moral compass’ click into gear and we choose not to shop there? The […]

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Magazine 113

I’ve heard people say that the teenage years are the best of your life. Living through it can feel like the complete opposite. In my personal experience, turning from a child to a young adult was like entering a warzone. Not only did I have to learn how to combat problems, where previously my parents […]

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Male Suicide Supplement 1

Suicide is a predominantly male issue, yet few people realise the extent of the problem in this country. In fact it is the biggest killer of young men in England and Wales. Part of the problem is that young men don’t talk about their problems until it’s too late. Why?

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