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That’s What I Am

‘When you get overwhelmed by negative emotions and feelings of isolation… Just remember everyone experiences this at times: You are not alone!’ Silence. Fear. Lonely. That’s how I feel. Cold. Scared. Worried. That’s how I feel. Helpless. Worthless. Pathetic. That’s what I am. Nothing. No one. No one… That’s who I am. This feature has […]

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“For those who feel the need to break free from the mental cages society has put them in. Please, I’m begging you: Break free.” Stay behind mental bars, every time and everyday. Stay hidden. Don’t make a sound. Keep quiet, stay out of their way. Do not aggravate them. Who’s them??? Stay behind mental bars, […]

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Depression: The Black Dog

Over the last 18 months Exposure has worked with CALM, an organisation that aims to reduce male suicide. We support CALM because 12 men a day commit suicide in the UK. The most common disorders associated with suicide is depression. Those who suffer from depression often get dismissed as people who “feel a bit down” […]

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We Need somewhereto_ Do Stuff

Since June 2010 somewhereto_ has unlocked over 400,000 sq. ft of previously unused or empty space. We’re passionate about working with two entities that we feel are massively undervalued in today’s society: space and young people. By matching the two we aim to unlock the potential in both. somewhereto_ gives young people the opportunity to […]

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Would You Stop & Help?

Some say that altruism doesn’t exist. We say it doesn’t matter. Doing good is good for everyone, but what would it take for you to help a stranger in need? This short clip shows us just how easy it is to spread a little love.

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Change Their Lives Spoken Word

“One word, one line, can change somebody’s whole life.” Teach First is an organisation striving to ensure that teachers in our schools are the best they can be. Teach First recently commissioned spoken-word artist Sonny Green who shares his thoughts on what it means to be a teacher. A major study by the Organisation for […]

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