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My life’s a work of fiction

Identity runs deeper than what is visible from the outside. It’s more than skin colour, or gender, or subculture. It’s who you feel you are on the inside: what drives and inspires you. It’s hard to pinpoint where I’d be without my creativity. If I couldn’t escape into my own world when the real one […]

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Powdering your nose with cocaine

My best friends can tell me anything, but sometimes I wish they wouldn’t. “We are going to try cocaine. What do you think?” What do they mean what do I think? I think it’s a terrible idea; only bad can come from it. What if you become addicted and can’t stop? What if you get […]

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Sin. An immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law. No matter how many times Charlie reminded herself of what the word meant, it could not have been further from how she feels about Viola. To Charlie, Viola is a miracle, not a mistake. To Charlie, Viola is an angel, not a sinner. […]

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Planet of Imagination

Brothers Sam and Jordan are reading books about things they can imagine. Sam asks Jordan, “What are you imagining?” Jordan looks up to Sam, “Hhmmm.”   Before they know it, bedtime arrives. With a wild imagination they dream of going to ‘Planet of Imagination’.   “Good morning Jordan, did you sleep alright?” says Sam. Jordan […]

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