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Stretford Divided: Football Under Fire

In ancient times, kings were sacrificed in the hope that the gods would sort out the people’s problems. Today, little has changed, as any crisis seems to lead to demands for the police chief/cabinet minister/CEO and, most relevant to this story, football manager, in the hotseat of power to deliver their head. Read on and […]

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Long Live Democracy

The May 2015 elections, we are constantly told, will be the most important in decades, with Britain’s relationship with Europe, the divide between rich and poor and perhaps even British identity hanging in the balance. Good thing we have so many great leaders to steer us through difficult times… “Greetings… There… Hard working young human […]

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The Stained Sheet

Pictou woke up suddenly, and he looked down at the damp sheets. He’d wet the bed again! Mirabel, his mother, came in and took off all the bed sheets to wash and hang out in the backyard. Later, as she threw one over the washing line, Mirabel gazed sadly at her son, who gazed back […]

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A Pig’s Eye View

I wake up, surrounded by hundreds of inmates. We’re all the same, all insignificant. My eyes remain closed, the sights around me are too horrible to behold. I stand in my own excretion, trapped in a box. No way out. Most of us were born here, but a few were shipped in. We hear stories […]

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