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Magazine 116

The relationship between young people and the police has been strained for a long time, especially in Haringey. So when it was decided by a jury that the shooting of Mark Duggan was ‘lawful’ everyone expected the worst. Fortunately there were no repeats of the riots of Summer 2011. The tension remains though. We want […]

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Autism Supplement

Auternative thinking, an eight-page supplement on autism, looking into the lives of young individuals with the condition – as featured in Exposure 116. Autism now affects one in 88 children in the UK. Most people have heard of the condition, but seemingly few understand it. Not being able to make friends, struggling with conventional education, […]

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The Girl Who Wrote A TV Show

The MehmeFemis is a sitcom about two culturally different families living in south London. The two families become neighbours when the Olafemis (the Nigerian family) move in next door to the Mehmets (the Turkish family). My name is Muge Ahmet. I’m a Turkish Cypriot comedy writer, and I have been working on The MehmeFemis scripts […]

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What Is Slenky?

Slenky, a social networking site that used to help young entrepreneurs succeed in their chosen field, recently joined forces with entertainment giant Sony. The two businesses created a six-month campaign which recruited 25 talented young adults between the ages of 18-25 from around the UK. The young adults were involved in a plethora of categories […]

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The Syria Crisis

In August 2013 David Cameron initiated a vote in The House of Commons to decide whether the UK should launch a military campaign against Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad’s government to deter the use of chemical weapons. Cameron lost the vote narrowly, and Britain did not attack Syria. The USA quickly followed suit. The issues in […]

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