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Magazine 111

What struck me when I arrived in London was the variety of its people. Coming from a small town in Switzerland, I was amazed by all the different cultures and personalities I was meeting all in one city. The best thing was that they all seemed so united despite being so different. They come from […]

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Magazine 110

You see that blonde girl with the white hat on the front of this magazine? That’s me exploring the world. My name is Pien and I’m from Holland. I’ve lived there in a small town for the last 17 years. I came to live in London four months ago to discover ‘who I am’ and […]

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Magazine 108

For thousands of young people, Exposure is a lifeline. It’s a place that offers support and guidance, as well as fantastic opportunities to gain new media skills. However, the government cuts meant Exposure’s future was looking bleak. We were in a situation where either we find funding and survive… or we don’t. A furious funding […]

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Sexual health vox pop

A short vox pop video and improvised spoken word poem

A short vox pop video on the complex nature of domestic...