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NekNomination: A Deadly Craze

NekNominate or NekNomination. By now most have at least heard about this new binge-drinking craze sweeping the UK. But do you know how it became so popular and just how dangerous it really is? NekNomination is an online drinking game where people film themselves downing alcoholic drinks, although due to one-upmanship household products like bleach […]

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New Way To Stop Acne

We’ve all suffered a mini-meltdown at the thought of a spot surfacing on any part of our face. We have an image to protect and no pimple or zit is going to ruin that. As an acne sufferer you go through this dilemma every day. And as a Spanish teenager (like I was when I […]

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Living With Depression

I am 16 and I have suffered with depression on and off since I was 12. There have been different reasons at different times for my depression. Sometimes I think that there is nothing wrong with me and that these are normal teenage feelings. I can’t think of any significant events or problems in my […]

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DO Something About Cancer

If you are a girl you’ve probably received a message in your Facebook inbox that starts with “So it’s that time of year again when we try to raise awareness for breast cancer through a game…” The aim is to post a status where your birth month corresponds to a place, and your birth date […]

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Negative Male Body Image

“I’ll take you to the hospital!” My mother’s words. It wasn’t the first time that we talked about it, but she was really worried on this occasion. I ignored her though. I stopped listening a long time ago… My life had always been ‘normal’. I had friends, hobbies, and school wasn’t going too badly. I […]

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Coping With Panic Attacks

When I was 17 I met a girl and fell in love with her. She was great and we stayed together for many years. Shortly after our first anniversary she had a breakdown – she shut down and couldn’t cope with life. She was ill for a long time. I never told my family because […]

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