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Another Light Up

#ANOTHERLIGHTUP by Design Indaba Trust, Faith47 and Thingking is a new initiative which incorporates public art with crowd-funding in order to build a streetlights system in South Africa’s poverty stricken Khayelitsha. The multi-storey artwork serves not only as an adornment to the area but is a visual indication: at night the wall illuminates each time […]

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Fast Food, Slow Death

Fast food is a growing problem with young people in the UK. It’s cheap, quick and easily accessible. Outside of many schools, there are plenty of strategically located chicken & chips shops and kebab shops, as well as fast food restaurants so that you are never too far from a Macdonalds hamburger. However, teenagers believe […]

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Parent Pressure

Unpacking the big box. Holding the big SLR Nikon D7100 camera in my hand. It felt heavy and expensive; powerful. I felt like my career was about to begin. Pressing the power button. It was incredible. This is the beginning of my future dream career… When my dad was 15 it was time for him […]

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Exposure’s Barnet Homeless Film

Exposure is very pleased to announce its first piece of commissioned work in the north London borough of Barnet. Voicebox, the youth service arm of The Barnet Group, has tasked the award-winning young people’s charity to produce a short film tackling youth homelessness, an issue of growing concern. Hot on the heels of its last […]

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The Problem With Fast Food

We’ve all done it. Guzzled down that extra crispy chicken wing from Din Tai Fung at The Gardens or destroyed that Big Mac when we weren’t that hungry. I’ve done it, and I know what junk food does to me. But I eat it anyway because… well I’m a young person. It’s not like there […]

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