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Haringey Stop And Search Event

Home Secretary Theresa May must have watched Exposure’s ‘Fed Up’ video, because she’s changing the stop and search code of practice for police. This follows an inquiry that found 27% of stop and searches could have been illegal. “If officers do not understand the law or they do not know how to use stop and […]

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Take Care Of Yourself Man

One-in-five men die before they reach 65. In this day, that is a shocking statistic. The health service is excellent at keeping people alive mostly; the main problem is men themselves. We, for a multitude of reasons, are reluctant to seek help for health issues. Most won’t even go to a doctor for a check […]

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The Afro Comb

The afro comb represented physical pain and mental torment for me as I was growing up. When it appeared I knew that my mum had plans to wash my hair, and as a girl with afro hair this was the last thing I ever wanted to do. I dreaded it. It’s only as I grew […]

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Surviving Valentine’s Day

This yearly event is named after the famous St Valentine. In 270 AD, in Ancient Rome, Emperor Claudius II had banned marriage because he thought married men were bad soldiers. Valentine felt this was unfair, so he broke the rules and arranged marriages in secret. When Claudius found out, Valentine was thrown in prison and […]

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The Girl Who Wrote A TV Show

The MehmeFemis is a sitcom about two culturally different families living in south London. The two families become neighbours when the Olafemis (the Nigerian family) move in next door to the Mehmets (the Turkish family). My name is Muge Ahmet. I’m a Turkish Cypriot comedy writer, and I have been working on The MehmeFemis scripts […]

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Playing For Senrab FC

I was about six yards outside the box and opponents were storming towards me. This was it. Face-to-face with an attacker’s worst enemy: the defender. But this encounter was mine for the taking. As the frenzied players swung for my ankles, I swiftly shuffled the ball from left to right, through their legs, leaving them […]

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How Spurs lost the community

My father first took me to White Hart Lane, the world famous home of the Spurs, when I was four. I spent most of the game curled up asleep in his lap, so remember little about it. The loud, aggressive, sometimes frightening atmosphere of English football in the early ‘80s isn’t an ideal place for […]

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Enfield Fat Fighters

Exposure has produced a fun and lively video (see below) tackling the growing problem of adolescent obesity. Made with some effervescent pupils from Broomfield School and commissioned by Enfield Council’s Youth Support Service, the video is designed to inform young people about the importance of healthy eating and regular exercise, in a clear and accessible […]

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