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Work To Be Done

It’s no secret that young people are suffering from unemployment. According to recent research by the Prince’s Trust, almost a million young people across the UK are struggling to find a job while 40% of jobless young people have faced symptoms of mental illness as a result of being out of work. Despite the UK […]

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Voting: None Of The Above

NOTA, an abbreviation of None Of The Above, is a campaign from 38 Degrees that demands the option of ‘None of the above’ to be added to ballot papers in the UK. This is different from abstaining from voting; rather it is a registration of ‘no confidence’ in any of the current political parties. Abstaining […]

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Domestic Violence Happens Online

Domestic violence. It is happening all the time and in every country all over the world. It’s a common misconception that domestic violence is physical, like punching, kicking and slapping, that happens in the home. Even some dictionaries describe it as such. However, domestic violence exists outside of these parameters. Emotional violence, like verbal attacks […]

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The Murder Of Anne Maguire

For me, teachers have this air of immortality about them. If they can handle teens, while passing on knowledge and skills to prepare us for the world, then what can’t they handle? They give their lives to the development of the next generation. But on Tuesday 29th of April I was wrong. It’s clear that […]

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Escaping Gangs With Business

Young people and gang culture have gone hand-in-hand for centuries. In order to create a beneficial and harmonious society we need to strive to combat the problem, no matter how insurmountable it seems. There needs to be solutions that not only prevent young people from becoming trapped in the cycle of crime and prison, but […]

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The Great ‘Fit To Work’ Scandal

As a young person with learning difficulties I’ve been following the recent news about the ‘fit to work’ tests. The government, specifically Iain Duncan Smith, first appointed a French company called Atos to carry out new tests in 2010. The aim was to reduce the number of people on sickness benefit. It wasn’t long before […]

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